Hi, I’m Sol.

Hey ūüôā Thanks for checking out my website. Welcome to the chaos.

I’m a first generation Cuban-American artist in California. My mediums include digital painting, tattoo, watercolor, graffiti murals, crochet, and modeling (live figure and still photography).

I am not currently accepting new tattoo clients. As of 2020, I have begun a degree in Medical and Molecular Microbiology and have dedicated the majority of my time to school, live figure modeling, and digital or crochet commissions.   

My Deal.

Born in Roswell, Georgia and raised in the suburbs of South Florida. Both parents immigrated from Cuba at the ages of 3 and 17 years old. At 16,  I acquired a Nursing Assistance certificate and pursed a nursing degree. Later, tattooing changed my life and I will always be grateful for the friends that have trusted me with their body in those early years. My family began to move to California in 2017 and, in an attempt to stay close, I moved across the country!

After much experience in the tattoo and healthcare industries, I was dismayed to find sexism, homophobia, and discrimination everywhere and anywhere. In 2017, I began working for non-profits that served the LGBTQIA+ communities in California.

I am queer, polyamorous, cis-gendered woman. I’ve been married for 5 of the best years of my life with my partner,¬† Jacob Peter. Since 2022, I’ve been a queer youth group facilitator for The Davis Phoenix Coalition is Davis, California. My passion for social activism led me to accepting another position at the University of Davis Cross Cultural Center¬†as a Campus Climate Coordinator.¬† Currently a junior undergrad studying Medical and Molecular Biology at UC Davis (’24).

Sol Smalls