Here’s some information about Tattoos/Commissions.

How do I book a Tattoo Appointment?

I am currently not taking new tattoo clients, however my commissions are still open. Email for inquiry.

It’s good to check my Facebook or Instagram page to see what State/Country I’m tattooing in. I love to travel! Email with the Subject Line “Tattoo Inquiry”. Send me your idea, along with pictures of tattoos you like/style of tattoo you’re going for. It helps to also send a picture of the part of your body you want tattooed, so I can customize the size/composition for your shape. From there we will schedule a consultation.

What should I expect at a Consultation?

When we have decided to meet for a consultation, we will discuss all the little details of your tattoo/commission. Color, Style, Placement, Size… ect! I like to create a vision board of references and inspirations, composed of pictures you sent me and ideas we vibe with. I may have a draft or line work ready at this time. Consultations are completely free, and there is no pressure! We can change (almost) any element of the tattoo at the appointment. However, If we are working on a large project I may request a deposit.  The point of a consultation is to meet each other and have more direct communication. Let’s make your dreams come true!


Please note: I will not send a tattoo/illustrative design to you digitally unless you are purchasing the commission. Even if you have left a deposit. This policy is to avoid plagiarism and intellectual property theft.

Why a deposit?

If we are working on a large or otherwise time consuming project, I might request a deposit. The price of the deposit varies. The deposit is included in the total price of the tattoo, and is non-refundable. The terms and conditions of the deposit are written in a signed agreement. We will review it together. In short, if you miss your tattoo appointment, you will lose your deposit. Pro tip: Just text me! I’m happy to reschedule.


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